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For nearly 20 years now, RÖSLER Software-Technik GmbH has been a pioneer in machine data recording for rental companies, the building trade and industry. The central elements of RÖSLER's systems consist of the miniDaT devices. In addition to pure data recording and analysis, they can also be used for access control, telediagnosis and theft protection. The data can be evaluated on the spot with the WinDaT-Pro software or centrally using the OBSERWANDO online portal. The focus is always on the optimum solution for the customer to generate the best possible return on investment with the devices through enhanced rental income and/or reduced damage to machinery and personal injury. Over the years, relationships with many customers have acquired the spirit of partnership.


To provide customers with optimum support, Rösler increasingly uses internet-based solutions on Obserwando. The OBSERWANDO portal has been online since 2007. Data input comes from special internet-capable miniDaT devices equipped with GPS and wireless data transfer to corresponding internet servers. This safeguards global access to data and machine positions at any time.


The RÖSLER systems can be used for swift, effective and low-cost equipping, monitoring and protection of even extensive machinery. Using OBSERWANDO for example, customers pay a flat-rate yearly amount for using the services. Machines can therefore be localised and billed all over Europe. Rösler's central internet solution eliminates the need for any further procurement or maintenance costs, for example for software. The collected data are made available on the Obserwando internet portal as soon as the machines have been fitted out with the devices and can be used by all authorised employees for checking and evaluation. The data can naturally also be transferred to a company's own operations management and billing software.


The theft protection functions of OBSERWANDO and the miniDaT systems extend from pure localisation using geo-fencing through to manipulation detection prior to actual theft. While the first two aspects facilitate recovery of the machine, manipulation detection offers far more protection functions for safeguarding the machine. Here it is a case of detecting the theft before actual unauthorised removal of the machine from the building site. Early prevention of the theft in this way eliminates the need for car chases with an uncertain outcome. To this end, the system already notices when it is disconnected from the power supply, when the GPS sensor is removed or when its position is changed even when not under its own steam.


Insurers reward the use of theft protection systems

Some renowned insurers are willing to waive a certain percentage of the client's excess in machine insurance for theft claims if the machines are equipped with theft protection systems by RÖSLER, and also grant interesting discounts on the insurance premiums. This is because they are convinced that systems such as OBSERWANDO help to prevent theft and embezzlement together with various other claims.


RÖSLER's systems offer more

Access control

The miniKey system is used for personalised access and use control. Individually programmed keys ensure that only authorised, trained employees have access to the machines.


Machine data recording

In contrast to conventional operating hours counters, Rösler's systems use data recording functions to check the machine operating times on a daily basis to permit precise date-related minute-by-minute billing.



There are two categories of telediagnosis. On the one hand, diagnosis with standard inputs monitors correct functioning of the connected channels. On the other hand, customised diagnosis implemented directly with the manufacturer permits detailed read-out and analysis of every fault in the machine controller. When the need arises, the fitters can then take the right parts with them to repair the machine on site.


Information? Questions?

Rental companies and building contractors advocate the innovative power and special quality of RÖSLER's devices. To find out more, please contact RÖSLER ( RÖSLER Software-Technik, Betsbruchdamm 29, 28816 Stuhr, phone +49 (0)421 / 4899399-0, fax +49 (0)421 / 4899399-96,,


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