miniDaT – the proven, low-cost system for machine data recording

The miniDaT data recording system is used to record relevant billing data for rental companies when it comes to aerial lifts, construction machinery and industrial handling trucks.


The data recording system can be used on practically all stationary or mobile machines that have their own power supply, regardless of the manufacturer.


The devices have been put to the test on building sites and are insensitive to dust, water, heat or vibration. The operating times are saved with the date and time in a permanent memory. Use outside the agreed rental agreement times, e.g. weekend usage or multi-shift usage, is detected just as easily as incorrect operation. When damage occurs, precise evidence is provided of inadequate battery charge, persistent utilisation through to total discharge, operation without oil or with cooling water that is too hot. The recorded data are also ideal for preventive maintenance.

Key system components

Various miniDat data boxes constantly record the data for up to 5 machine functions as and when required.


Depending on the individual boxes, they can save data for up to 110 working days. The data are then exported via the serial port and evaluated on the PC with the Win-Dat software.


It is even more convenient when the boxes are equipped for wireless transfer within the depot or even on a global scale using the GSM/GPRS network. These devices also offer effective theft protection together with telemonitoring and telediagnosis of the machine. It is therefore possible to monitor operation within the permitted area or to detect when the machine is started up outside the normal working hours of the building site (e.g. during the night or at the weekend). Unauthorised transport is also reported immediately to the central office or to a contracted security service.


Boxes with switching outputs can also stop machines with a remote command if necessary and thus prevent theft or damage, for example if the machine is being operated without enough oil.


More precise details can be found under "miniDaT hardware".


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Your benefits

  • easily generate extra rental-income by usage report
  • very fast return on investment
  • 30 minutes installation
  • easiest handling
  • many upgrade options
  • robust construction

Service & Support

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  • Simple usage reports

    With Rösler miniDaT-VIB you always know whether a forklift, vibrating plate or compressor was used – 90 days continuous recording possible – simple but helpful. Report of Arbeitbühne Stabel GmbH based in Nürnberg.

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    For 13 years Roggermaier uses Rösler miniDaT – without failure – overall 1,400 platforms and telescopic handlers are equipped with miniDat.

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  • Clear data situation for hirer and rental company:

    "The Rösler systems permit us a good overview of everthing our rented out machines are doing at the moment. Like this we can always keep an eye on the machines", says Ingo Horstmann, authorised representative of Ulferts & Wittrock

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  • Kohrmann Baumaschinen GmbH

    "Due to the positive feedback of other companies that rent out construction machines and work platforms, we have now also decided to use the Rösler's miniDaT to record the operating times of our rental machines."

    Marwin Lindow, dispatcher


  • roggermaier Arbeitsbühnen GmbH

    "Being one of the largest rental companies for access technology in southern Germany, we make great demands on the quality of our technical equipment and use the Rösler products miniDaT + LR-Adapter and miniDaT-LR. The upgrade to short-distance radio LR means time saved for the automatic reading of the operating data and high reliability of registration and evaluation."

    Wolfgang Eichstädter, division manager


    STARLIFT GmbH rents out work platforms and telescopic lift trucks all over northern Germany (with branches in Hamburg, Rostock and Berlin).

    "We are using Rösler's miniDaT because it reliably provides us with greater transparency and a well-founded settlement basis for work on week-ends, rain days and availability reports."

    Oliver Kark, managing director

  • LST Swiss AG

    LST Swiss AG sells, rents out and services construction machines and hydraulic mount-on devices.

    "Rösler's miniDaT VIP allows us to document the operating times even on mount-on machines that do not have their own power supply."

    Stefan Klopfer, managing director