miniDaT Hardware

These hardware components can be used to set up a miniDaT system.

The evaluation of the acquired data is carried out using the software WinDaT-Pro locally on your PC. WinDaT-Pro can be used on a single PC, in LAN or in the company Intranet. In LAN or Intranet the data are stored centrally on the company's data server. WinDaT-pro displays the data in different views and also permits printouts. An interface for integration in other software systems installed on your system is available.

A quick overview or evaluation for example on the construction site can be obtained by virtue of the analysis of the data directly at the machine with the DaT-PG (available separately).

The use of the miniDaT - devices shown here in combination with the locally installed evaluation software WinDaT-pro is particularly interesting for companies with particularly high requirements for data safety. All data are available only in the devices or on your internal PC or server and are not transmitted via Internet.

Do you have machines from Ruthmann, JLG or WUMAG? The miniDaT is the ideal accessory as we provide an additional software for remote diagnosis for many machines from these manufacturers: In case of device faults or operating errors the current status parameters of the controls can be analysed wirelessly.

Depending on the application you select the required hardware for your purposes. The system is flexible: You can start at low cost and then upgrade as required.

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