miniDaT Training Courses

Most users can cope with the basic functions of WinDaT-Pro and the miniDaT systems it evaluates without needing any training.


However, if the recorded data are to be linked with operational workflows or connected up with the company software, or if more complex data are to be recorded, we recommend one of our training courses, which can be gladly held on your premises. This quickly puts you in a position to make the best possible use of your investment in our data recording devices. We can naturally also provide you with corresponding training so that you can proceed with optimum installation of our devices.


Rösler offers a comprehensive training programme: just ask us about it!


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  • Simple usage reports

    With Rösler miniDaT-VIB you always know whether a forklift, vibrating plate or compressor was used – 90 days continuous recording possible – simple but helpful. Report of Arbeitbühne Stabel GmbH based in Nürnberg.

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  • miniDaT Local Radio at Gerken in Düsseldorf

    One of the biggest platform renting companies in Germany has more than 1,800 platforms equipped with miniDaTs. The provided data is used for correct billing.....

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  • Successful tracking: Report of Michels GmbH

    Thanks to miniDaT-Web an Obserwando: The theft of a construction machine was foiled - the thief was caught and the machine returned to the owners...

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