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The electronic miniKey lock restricts access to stationary and mobile machines and to vehicles. Only persons with the corresponding authorisation and their personal electronic key can use machines equipped with the miniKey. Every access is registered in miniKey with the date and time, giving immediate recourse to the corresponding person in the event of any damage. The access data can also be recorded in the corresponding key. Access to the individual units is programmed in the key so that changes in staff do not entail any work on the actual machines.



  • Access control system for industrial handling trucks, machinery, vehicles, buildings.
  • Data recorded in the miniKey and on the electronic key (optional).
  • Access parameters only on the key.
  • All machines can be operated with just one key.
  • One machine can be operated by any number of users.
  • Use can be restricted to preprogrammed times.
  • Use compliant with the works council is possible.


Access to buildings can generally be controlled in two ways: as standalone solution or as a network solution.


Standalone solution

In the standalone solution, access is controlled and saved in the electronic lock. The electronic lock is self-sufficient, i.e. it can also be used for example as access control to building sites, containers or external stores. At any time, it reveals who had access to the specific object.


Network solution

In the network solution, access is controlled by a central computer. It reveals at any time who is present and where the individuals are.


The collected data can naturally also be used as time sheets. Access to the building is controlled by our personalised electronic key.


Vehicles suitable for access control include for example forklift trucks or road sweepers. Access control to vehicles can work on various different levels. In the simplest version, access is limited simply to the person authorised for the vehicle.


It records who used the vehicle when and for how long.


In the extended version, various functions can be recorded, e.g. overload or total discharge. Crashes can also be recorded as an option.

The recorded data can be transferred to a PC for evaluation. Access to the vehicle is controlled by our electronic key.


Our electronic lock restricts access to an individual machine to the authorised user.


As an option, machine statuses and alarms can be recorded with the time and data. Data read-out takes place using miniDaT-CB-II with possible transfer to a PC for evaluation.


Access to the machine is controlled by our electronic key. Depending on the authorisation access to several machines, machine groups or every machine on the fleet with the personal key is possible.

Fuel stations

Access control for fuel stations controls access to private company fuel stations.


It controls who took how much fuel and when. The data are sent to a PC by wireless transfer. As an option, the vehicle being tanked can be encoded in the corresponding data.


Access to the fuel station is controlled by our electronic key.


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