EQTrace-T: Your Profi-GPS-Tracker, Vehicle tracking and log

EQTrace-T is the professional, inexpensive Profi-GPS-Tracker solution for field staff organisations, shipping - companies, professional renting -, construction - companies as well as and more.

One system for GPS-tracking and vehicle log and anti-theft.

Very simple installation: Just connect to power supply and you a are done!

  • Detection of actual position of a singel vehicle or a group of vehicles**
  • Online visualization via webbrowser or smartphone
  • Vehicle or driver log
  • Anti-theft-protection for work area and rest time, geo fencing
  • Reliable, professional solution:  No extra battery- connected to vehicle power, for rough environments
  • Including Flatrate for EU-Europe and Switzerland*, worlwide usage as an option
  • Optional: With electronic key as EQTrace-T-Key (see below) for access control

EQTrace-T-Key: Profi-GPS-Tracker plus Access-Control

EQTrace-T-Key adds our powerful access-control functionality to EQ-Trace-T.

That will enhances security and you always know who and when had used the vehicle. This immediately will reduce the number of damages of the vehicle itself.

All other funtions of the EQ-Trace-T like GPS-Tracking, anti-theft and vehicle log are included.


* Plus VAT, Usage included for 12 month. After 12 month: 80€ (German-Flat) plus VAT per year.
** Pus VAT, Usage included for 12 month. After 12 month: 110€ (German-Flat) plus VAT per year.


100% Maschinenverfügbarkeit
Gerade auf größeren Baustellen werden die von Ihnen vermieteten Maschinen immer wieder von Nichtmietern genutzt?
Mit der Zugangskontrolle von Rösler ist das Problem gelöst. Keine Schäden an Maschinen durch Unbekannt und erfreute
Mieter mit 100% Maschinenverfügbarkeit.


EQTrace-TD: Your "one-for-all" system for anti-theft, vehicle tracking, data collection and vehicle log

Our new EQTrace-TD combines machine data collection, anti-theft and vehicle log in one single device. All data can be viewed at any time in our Obserwando portal via webbrowser or smartphone. 

"One-for-alle" now also applies to data transmission: EQTrace-TD comes equipped with a SIM-Card for mobile data-transmission in all countries of EU-Europe plus Switzerland. Worldwide usage is available as an option.

Supplied without smartphone

EQTrace-TD is the "one-for-all" solution for professional renting -, construction - and shipping - companies as well as field staff organisations and more.

One system for data collection, anti-theft, GPS-tracking and vehicle log.

  • Detection of actual vehicle position
  • Anti-theft-protection for work area and rest time, geo fencing
  • Vehicle or driver log (when used in cars, trucks etc.)
  • Machine data collection on 2 channels possible: Usage, battery charging time, deep dicharge etc.
  • Minimum strain on the battery even if construction stops for weeks
  • Data and position also available on the Smartphone
  • Including Flatrate for EU-Europe and Switzerland*, worlwide usage as an option

Very simple installation: Just connect to power supply and you a are done!


* incl. EU-wide usage. Monthly payment. Contract duration 2 years. Delivered without smartphone.
** Plus VAT, flatrate included for 12 month. After 12 month: 80€ plus VAT per year. Delivered without smartphone.


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  • Professional GPS-Tracking, Anti-theft and log

    ...for as low as 275€* incl. Flatrate

    the professional but inexpensive entry solution: GPS-Tracking, vehicle log.



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  • Professional GPS-Tracking and Access

    ...for as low as 388€* incl. Flatrate

    the professional solution for GPS-Tracking and access-control, ant-theft and vehicle log.



    *See Details

  • The "one-for-all" solution...

    ...for as low as 359€* incl. Flatrate

    EQTrace-TD is the "one-for-all" solution: One system for data collection, anti-theft, GPS-tracking and vehicle log.



    *See Details

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    Higher revenue because of exact billing exceeds the cost of an Obserwando-system - Position reports prevent total loss due to theft.

    Report of Reiter GmbH based in Essen.

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Latest theft news

The need for Obserwando is displayed impressively by these appeals for information:

Currently no messages available.

The appeals for information are kindly provided by www.sachfahndung.de.


  • WEMO-tec GmbH

    "WEMO-tec GmbH rents out work platforms, construction machines and bridge underside display units throughout Europe and uses the miniDaT-RC system to check the usage times of the rental equipment. The uncomplicated online access to the operating data which is possible at any time and the fact that the complete data stock remains at the premises are the decisive factors for our decision to use the miniDaT-RC system."

    Christian Herr

  • Helmut Reiter GmbH

    The company rents out forklift trucks and work platforms.

    "The Obserwando online portal gives us access to the operating times of our rental machines at any time."

    Horst Bode, rental centre manager

  • Rhein – Main Spezialbau GmbH

    "We are specialists for all problems to do with humidity penetration in building structure. We are using Rösler's easy-to-install product miniDaT-WEB-Light to optimally coordinate the use of our service vehicles."

    Gabriele Thomas, back office

  • WOCKEN Industriepartner GmbH & Co.KG

    WOCKEN rents out and sells construction machines and work platforms.

    "The use of Rösler's Obserwando product is proven to protect our construction machines against theft. Several attempts of theft have already been thwarted."

    Jens Burrichter, head of rental shop

  • RÜKO GmbH Baumaschinen

    RÜKO GmbH rents out and sells construction machines.

    "Due to the use of miniDaT-WEB-Light, we always know where our construction machines are. The recording of the machine running times helps us with billing and maintenance. The costs are clearly calculable due to the annual flat rate for data transmission and portal usage."

    Martin Ermler, managing director

  • Felbermayr Transp. u. Hebetech. GmbH & Co. KG

    Felbermayr Holding is active internationally in the fields of transport, hoisting technology and civil and structural engineering.

    "We have decided to use the Rösler Obserwando product because it gives us reliable access to our very large fleet of vehicles at any time and we can look at our sites and the operating times of our machines around the clock. If necessary, we can even completely block selected machines via the internet."

    Helmut Toferer, head of workshop

  • Peter Gay Baumaschinen GmbH

    Peter Gay rents out and sells construction machines.

    "As an Obserwando dealer, we are using the Rösler products also in our own rental park and profit from the various Obserwando functions locating, anti-theft protection and operating data recording.

    Joerg von der Geest, rental park


    STARLIFT GmbH rents out work platforms and telescopic lift trucks all over northern Germany (with branches in Hamburg, Rostock and Berlin).

    "We are using Rösler's miniDaT because it reliably provides us with greater transparency and a well-founded settlement basis for work on week-ends, rain days and availability reports."

    Oliver Kark, managing director

  • roggermaier Arbeitsbühnen GmbH

    "Being one of the largest rental companies for access technology in southern Germany, we make great demands on the quality of our technical equipment and use the Rösler products miniDaT + LR-Adapter and miniDaT-LR. The upgrade to short-distance radio LR means time saved for the automatic reading of the operating data and high reliability of registration and evaluation."

    Wolfgang Eichstädter, division manager

  • Kohrmann Baumaschinen GmbH

    "Due to the positive feedback of other companies that rent out construction machines and work platforms, we have now also decided to use the Rösler's miniDaT to record the operating times of our rental machines."

    Marwin Lindow, dispatcher


  • LST Swiss AG

    LST Swiss AG sells, rents out and services construction machines and hydraulic mount-on devices.

    "Rösler's miniDaT VIP allows us to document the operating times even on mount-on machines that do not have their own power supply."

    Stefan Klopfer, managing director