EQ Trace Track - GPRS Tracking für Ihre Fahrzeuge

Obserwando hardware

These hardware components can be used to set up a Obserwando system.

The recorded data are transmitted to our central Obserwando server. Using a web browser you can access these data and they will be displayed in different views and can be printed. You do not require any special evaluation software and you can always access them from any location (subject to Internet access).

Using the free smart phone app for Android or iOS (Apple) devices you can always access the Obserwando portal and thus to all transmitted data of your machines while on the go.

An interface for integration in other software systems installed on your system is available.

Depending on the application you select the required hardware for your purposes. The system is flexible: You can start at low cost and then upgrade as required.

Our experts will be pleased to be of assistance to you. Call us +49 (0)421/802270-21 or send us an email to info@minidat.de.

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